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  1. Debian on a synthesizer

    Bela is a low latency optimized platform for audio applications built using Debian and Xenomai, running on a BeagleBoard Black. I recently stumbled upon this platform while skimming through a modular synthesizer related forum. Bela has teamed up with the guys at Rebel Technologies to build a Bela based system …

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  2. Why is Qt5 not displaying Braille?

    While evaluating the cross-platform accessibility of Qt5, I stumbled across this deficiency:

    #include <QApplication>
    #include <QTextEdit>
    int main(int argv, char **args)
      QApplication app(argv, args);
      QTextEdit textEdit;
      return app.exec();

    (compile with -std=c++11).

    On my system, this "application" does not show …

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  3. Call for Help: BMC -- Braille Music Compiler

    Since 2009, I am persuing a personal programming project. As I am not a professional programmer, I have spent quite a lot of that time exploring options. I have thrown out about three or four prototype implementations already. My last implementation seems to contain enough accumulated wisdom to be actually …

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  4. soundCLI works again

    I recently ranted about my frustration with GStreamer in a SoundCloud command-line client written in Ruby.

    Well, it turns out that there was quite a bit confusion going on. I still haven't figured out why my initial tries resulted in an error regarding $DISPLAY not being set. But now that …

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