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  1. deluXbreed #2 is out!

    The third installment of my crossbreed digital mix podcast is out!

    This time, I am featuring Harder & Louder and tracks from Behind the Machine and the recently released Remixes.

    1. Apolloud - Nagazaki
    2. Apolloud - Hiroshima
    3. SA+AN - Darksiders
    4. Im Colapsed - Cleaning 8
    5. Micromakine & Switch Technique - Ascension
    6. Micromakine - Cyberman (Dither Remix)
    7. Micromakine - So …
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  2. Mixing vinyl again

    The turntables have me back, after quite some long-term mixing break.

    I used to do straight 4-to-the-floor, mostly acid or hardtek. You can find an old mix of mine on SoundCloud. This one is actually back from 2006.

    But currently I am more into drum and bass …

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