A C++ sample collection

I am one of those people that best learns from looking at examples. No matter if I am trying to learn a programming pattern/idiom, or a completely new library or framework. Documentation is good (if it is good!) for diving into the details, but to get me started, I always want to look at a self contained example so that I can get a picture of the thing in my head.

So I was very excited when a few days ago, CppSamples was announced on the ISO C++ Blog.

While it is a very young site, it already contains some very useful gems. It is maintained over at GitHub, so it is also rather easy to suggest new additions, or improve the existing examples by submitting a pull request.

Give it a try, it is really quite nice. In my book, the best resource I have found so far in 2015.

BTW, Debian has a standard location for finding examples provided by a package. It is /usr/share/doc/<package>/examples/. I consider that very useful.



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