Enhancing Hub to support GitHub social features

In my article Contributing on GitHub I recently explained that I can not use certain social features of GitHub on their website directly. I also explained that I make great use of Hub to circumvent some accessibility issues I have with GitHub.

Well, it turns out that adding star, unstar, follow and unfollow to Hub was actually a lot easier then I thought. It is long ago (probably 10 years) that I touched Ruby code the last time. However, since I do learn a lot from examples, I was actually able to add what I needed just by looking at surrounding code. Well, I had to lookup how you add an element to the end of an array (push) but that was basically it.

You can have a look at the final outcome in Hub pull request #490. The code resides in the social branch of my hub fork. If you already have an OAuth token for hub, you need to login to GitHub and edit your token to add the user:follow scope if you want to use the follow and unfollow commands. Interestingly, this type of operation is accessible enough to still work with Lynx!

I hope this gets merged, I don't particularily like to maintain my own forks of quite obvious functionality. Anyway, problem solved, mostly.

All I am missing now is the ability to delete a repository. A dangerous feature, so probably controversial. Anyway, something for another day.



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