Demonstrating a common m17n a11y problem with a web audio game

There is a rather infamous multilingualisation bug in almost every screen reader I have ever used. As a german native speaker, I usually set my operating system user interface language to german. However, since I do a lot of technical work, I frequently end up on english websites. But if I temporarily switch my speech synthesis language to english, certain user interface elements and key names are not translated! So the screen reader continues to say "Eingabe" or "Leertaste", but with an english accent! I consider this behaviour hilarious, especially in 21st century.

To demonstrate how hilarious it actually is, I have made a little browser audio game. Voice snippets have been contributed by my girlfriend. A natural voice is still a lot better than sampled speech synthesizers, and sounds more fun as we think.

The idea is simple: Angela will announce a key name, and you are supposed to hit it on the keyboard as fast as possible. After a round of 50 guesses (time to answer will decrease with every guess) a final score will be announced.

I usually don't write any JavaScript. I still managed to hack this up (with a little help from Simon) in roughly 2 hours of browsing Stackoverflow.

The game is here. The code is on GitHub.

If you have any problems getting this to work, please let me know or send a pull request.

I'd like to get it working at least on iOS as well (after all, it is the touch device platform with best accessibility support currently), however, I could not get mobile safari to behave. So patches to enable use on touch devices are welcome. It should be simple, just add a few buttons which call the pressed function with the appropriate character as parameter. However, I tried, and something is fishy regarding window.setTimeout since it does not behave the same way as if you use it with Firefox.

Oh, and my favourite key name is "Runt Glamour Zoo" :-)

Now, this was funny. But it is also very sad. If you play this game, remember that blind and visually impaired computer users really have to cope with such accented pronounciations on a daily basis. We grew used to it, but if I take a step backward, it's really unacceptable that we still have to cope with this daily.

And this is the simple part of the bug, since it is only dealing with key labels, which are internal to the system. It gets much worse if you want your screen reader to automatically switch to the correct synthesis language. Language detection is apparently not good enough to be implemented, at least that's what they tell me. And if the document (HTML) specifies a language, it's wrong in more than 50% of the cases. This is a disaster. Come to think of it, that is probably a reason why I prefer braille over speech. With braille, this problem goes away completely.



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