Please delete me from Planet

Wow. Hi Debian. Apparently, you've changed even more in a direction I personally never really liked. As a member of a minority group, I feel the need to explain that I highly dislike the way you are currently handling minority groups. And no, I dont feel you are ignoring them. You are giving a select view far too much attention for a technically focused project.

I am blind. I have been belittled, patronized, ignored, patted and everything else you wouldn't want to happen to you as an adult by all sort of people that crossed my path. But I have learnt to deal with it, and move on. Not holding hostage my whole enviroment just because someone happened to call me the wrong name. Come on, I want your problems!!! Really, can we please swap? You'll be blind, and I am sure I can sort out my gender issues.

I have left as a developer about two years ago. But now, I feel like I really dont want to be associated with an organisation that behaves like you currently do. So please, delete me from Planet as well. Trading the extra publicity for a good conscience is a great deal. Thxbye



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