Slashdot did not improve

I used to read Slashdot, many many years ago. However, when they started to do more and more "Your rights online" articles, I gradually stopped to read them.

Someone just sent me a link to a slashdot article: If I try to open this with Lynx, I get the following error page:

It looks like your browser doesn't support JavaScript or it is disabled.
Please use the desktop site instead.

OK FaceBook^WSlashdot, all the geeks formerly employed by you have obviously left. And no, I am not going to read you anytime soon.

BTW, the link to the "desktop site" goes here, which looses the reference to the particular story, if you notice. So your redirection site is totally useless. Thanks for nothing. Hush hush, to the ethernal internet graveyard where you belong.



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