Solara: Fun with accessible RPGs on iOS

Solara is a fun turn-based fantasy strategy game for iOS which works perfectly well with VoiceOver. AppleVis has a review and all the details like a link into the AppStore.

You build your castle level by level, and train your heroes to be stronger in battle. While your heroes are at battle, you can not control any real-time aspect of a battle. The combination of your heroes and their individual strengths (levels) is essential to determine if you can win a battle. So it sort of resembles rolling dice. At the beginning of a battle, you can choose which of your various heroes you'd like to send. You normally have four slots to fill, in earlier levels of Solara even less (to ease you into game play).

Fighting is done in two different parts of the game. You need to use your heroes to solve quests, which will be rewarded by experience points and gold, which in turn will increase your playing level. From level 10 on, you will also be able to play in the arena against other player of solara. These arena fights are rewarded with arena points which in turn determine your place in an arena turnament. These turnaments usually last a few days. At the end, the top places are rewarded with gold.

The way solara is structured makes it a perfect fit for VoiceOver. There are no real-time gesture problems to solve. It is basically an interactive text adventure with a fantasy theme and a weighted skills mechanism for determining the outcome of a fight. And luckily, the authors of solara realized this and did everything necessary to make this game really nicely playable with VoiceOver.

My personal comment: I initially felt its implemented nicely, but playing it would be a waste of time. Now, a few months later, I am at level 39, and have seen hints that there are 50 levels in total. While I am not really hooked, I guess I will finish it eventually :-)



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