Qt 5.11 will fix major issues with JAWS on Windows

Posted on November 28, 2017
Tags: Accessibility, JAWS, Qt, Windows

I published a rant about problems with Qt accessibility on Windows a few months ago. This posting got some unusual amount of attention, as it was shared on HackerNews and almost went to the top for a few minutes.

Apparently, ranting about it after a year of being ignored was not the worst thing to do. I can now confirm that the current dev version of Qt works properly with JAWS for Windows and QTextEdit widgets. This is quite a substantial fix, as it will likely improve the accessibility of many Windows applications written in Qt.

So this bug is finally (after more then a year of waiting) fixed. Thanks to André de la Rocha for implementing UI Automation support, which is apparently what was missing to make JAWS happy.