How to Solve the Rubik's Cube

Follwoing are descriptions of two different methods for solving the cube. They have been taken (with permission) from this page by Mark Jeays. His description is very accessible as it only uses text to fully describe all the necessary steps. No pictures or diagrams involved. Special thanks go to the original author for providing such a well written resource. It is being reproduced here to preserve it in case it ever gets lost in the evolving nature of the internet.

Making a tactile Rubik's Cube

Each face of a Rubik’s Cube has a different colour. So there are 6 differently coloured faces on a Rubik’s Cube. Since we can leave one of the faces as is (usually that would be the white face), you need to find 5 different items which you can glue to the faces. From each item category you will need 9 items.



Before we get started, we must work out a method for describing the various moves that will be made.


Solution 1

The first soltuion for solving the cube.


Solution 2

The following solution is a much easier to memorize way of solving the cube. Most of the moves are easy to understand, such that you don't even feel that you are memorizing anything. I will try to explain what to think when you are solving the cube.