Making a tactile Rubik's Cube

by Mario Lang

Each face of a Rubik’s Cube has a different colour. So there are 6 differently coloured faces on a Rubik’s Cube. Since we can leave one of the faces as is (usually that would be the white face), you need to find 5 different items which you can glue to the faces. From each item category you will need 9 items.

Here is a small list of suggested items you could use:

  • Velcro: The rough and fluffy side of a velctro strip
  • Washers or screw heads
  • Small rubber bumpers

Remember that you will need 9 elements per face.

Washers come in different shapes, like round and hexagonal or even octagonal.

It can be helpful to choose the items such that the opposite sides of the cube are somehow related. For instance, I choose to put the fluffy and the rough sides of velcro dots on opposite sides of the cube. Putting square washers on the opposite side of the face which is left blank did also work nicely.

When glueing the items, make sure to use a good glue. Especially with items like wahsers or screw heads (which are usually metal) glueing them to the cube might require special glue.