Yet Another Time Machine

When listening to recordings of human speech (like audio books, conference recordings, ...) it can be useful to have the ability to adjust the playback speed without changing the pitch of the recording. This simple command line program based on the SoundTouch library by Olli Parviainen can do this for you. Playing a audio book at 150% of its original tempo is still intelligable and saves time, therefore the name of the program.

The following audio encoding formats are supported :

These days, many programs have a similar capability built in. However, back in the day when I wrote this program, this feature was not common especially in a terminal. What still sets it apart from other tools is the ability pro precisely detune the audio material. Not just a half step, but using cents (100 cents are one half step). This can be used to detune playalong material.

Source code

This project is hosted on GitHub.

To obtain a copy of the source code, execute the following command:

git clone

or if GitHub is offline or my account has vanished, you can also do

git clone

to retrieve a repostiroy backup.